Eqwel's " Algorithmic Measures " - 12" Vinyl Release - COMING EARLY 2018!

by Eqwel



Two thousand seventeen has been the introduction year of mysterious producer and artist Eqwel.
Eqwel has produced mutilple releases on Joaquin Joe Claussell’s label - Sacred Rhythm Music. This has opened up some ears to the loyal vinyl enthusiasts around the world.
All of Eqwel’s official productions have been exclusively released on wax, creating a solid foundation that represents the underground electronic music market with truly creative soundscapes that can tickle the ears of any electronic music aficionado.
Algorithmic Measures will be the first official Eqwel release of 2018 and it’s a 3 track banger! Side A titled “Swarming Data” is a techno heavyweight that will definitely push the envelope of any sound system, while both tracks on side B is still able to keep up with the relentlessness of side A with a bit more groove but always maintaining Eqwel’s signature sound.
This final release is the study of algorithms required in the relationship between application & information. Various types of musical measures are necessary to sonically please the human aural, especially when we’re recording music through a personal DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Sequencing tracks properly to create a pleasing array of mathematical measures to finalize a bounce worth keeping, should be the way producers approach their music.

Detailed research has shown that the average electronic music producer creates music using minimum knowledge of their genre with no real background in music theory. This seems to cause a saturation in the industry with poorly produced music and makes it difficult for producers with honest talent to glimmer in the vast sea of tasteless creations.

Written by Shadow.

CAT# Eq.12.3

All Tracks Produced by Eqwel
EqwelMusic ASCAP


releases January 20, 2018


all rights reserved